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QuickBooks, the accounting software from Intuit is a real masterpiece. The software has changed the way of managing the business accounts on its own. It makes thing easy and convenient. While QuickBooks is the best in the array of accounting software it is not impervious to errors. QuickBooks Error 6000 is one of the most common among the problem that users face. Read the article here if you are facing the same on your computer. This will help you to troubleshoot the error.

QuickBooks Error 6000

From small and medium business to large enterprise QuickBooks has the right tool to manage the business accounts for every industry. With an extensive range of software like QuickBooks Enterprise, QuickBooks Accountant, QuickBooks Pro, and Premier it has a large user-base globally. Anyway, coming to the point, if you are facing the QuickBooks Error 6000 here are probable reasons.

QuickBooks Error 6000 – Reasons Behind The Problem

QuickBooks Error 6000 specifically happens at the time of accessing the QuickBooks Company Files. Following are the reasons for which you might be facing the error,

QuickBooks Error 6000

  • Wrong folder permissions of the drive that contains the company files
  • The company file is located on an external storage device whereas it should have been on a network or a local drive
  • Miscommunication while running QuickBooks in multi-user mode
  • The file in QuickBooks was opened by referencing a drive which was mapped

The company files get corrupted and the data stored becomes vulnerable if the QuickBooks Error 6000 persists. Therefore the problem needs some instant attention. Go through the simple troubleshooting steps to avoid the problem.

How To Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error 6000?

Restart QuickBooks

As we have researched well before coming with the troubleshooting steps, we have found that restarting QuickBooks with more permissions solves the problem in most of the occasions. So, just close the program along with the computer. After that turn on the computer and check whether the accounting software works fine or not.

Still facing the problem? You might need some other methods to fix the issue. Explore more!

Move The QuickBooks Company File

Is your company file stored in a external device storage? If this is the case then you must move the company file to the local drive or if possible to a network drive. Just open a QBW file in QuickBooks and check if the error has gone or still intact!

Use UNC Path Instead of Mapped Drive

If you going with a mapped drive then, instead of that use the UNC path. Going with the following steps will help you,

  • Firstly, Open the folder that contains the company file
  • Then, with the assistance of the extension of  .QBW , locate the file
  • After doing so, right-click the file and then click on Copy
  • Now Paste it at your Desktop
  • Then, open QuickBooks and you will be directed to the No Company Open Window. Hold down the Control Key in the meantime
  • Now, click on open or Restore an existing company
  • Finally, find the company file that you copied and open and Navigate to the desktop

Problems not resolved yet? You must connect with the QuickBooks Support team. Ping us through the comment box here. Once you let us know your issue our professional QuickBooks expert will guide you to fix the problem. If you already have some relevant solution for this QuickBooks Error 6000 you can help your fellow QuickBooks users to enrich our knowledge by posting the solution in the comment box here.

Our Quickbooks support number is the best place you can find help on. Our tech help is tried and tested and you can easily connect with our highly skilled technicians instantly. Dial our support number to experience the best ever Quickbooks service help.


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QuickBooks is a popular business software that takes care of all your accounting needs. It is a kind of accounting software that helps all sized of business managing their business account. But I have seen many business owners who do not use QuickBooks to its full potential. But I have come up with some ways that you can use QuickBooks to get the best from its features.

How to Use Quickbooks

How to Use Quickbooks? Your Complete Guide

1.Use QuickBooks to control your cash flow

This accounting software is a great tool that can help you to manage your cash flow. You can learn how to update QuickBooks file regularly instead of using online bank balance. If you update the files regularly, you can learn how to manage your cash flow.

You can enter your financial transaction details regularly or you can also perform daily reconciliations in QuickBooks you can manage your cash flow effectively. The best way to do it is sorting your QuickBooks bank accounts by cleared status.

2) Invoice customers

You always create and send your own invoices in QuickBooks. When a customer wants to give you money for your products, you need to wait for sending them the invoice. If you learn how you can send your invoices directly to your customers, it will help you to increase your cash flow.

3) Manage bills and other accounts payable

The main thing is to keep your vendors and suppliers happy. If you use the enter bills and pay bills features on QuickBooks account, you can easily keep the vendors happy. The pay bills and enter bills functions are simple. You can enter bills to your vendors with the correct terms and due dates. You can pay your bills directly through QuickBooks accounting software via online bill pay or printing checks.

4) Manage employee time

With QuickBooks, you can enter employee time from the employees’ section of the home screen. Just enter a simple time event or a weekly timesheet. It can help you to measure your employee job productivity.

5) Customized accounts charts

Quickbooks charts of accounts are based on your needs, therefore, you need to customize it based on those needs. Do not make the charts account complicated that the reports within it become meaningless. You need to customize your charts account in a way where it can give you the valuable information which you can use. The certain feature was designed to help you to run your business.

6) Online banking

Setting up your QuickBooks account for online banking download is a good idea. Furthermore, Many major financial organizations offer data downloads into Quickbooks which does not require unnecessary data entry.

7) Web apps

There are many apps that work with this accounting site. The apps can help you in many ways to your business. Use these apps to see how you can get help from them for your business solutions. But make sure to get an app that is supported and approved by Intuit.

Wrapping up

There are a lot of other features of this accounting software that comes to define for How to Use QuickBooks. But, I have mentioned a few of them here. Drop us a comment below if you need any help with the QuickBooks features. It’s inevitable to avoid certain Quickbooks issues and when its time for Quickbooks error 3371 or any other, just connect with us. 

However, there is an uncountable number of users who are probably looking for the same answer. You can connect here and discuss.